Health Coach Carter
Health Coach Carter

My Journey Towards a Healthier Life

Hi, my name is Carter Krueger. My passion for health began back in high school through the lens of athletics, and trying to be the best all around high school athlete I could be while playing football, wrestling and volleyball. 

In college, I decided to join the University of Illinois Triathlon team. I trained and raced with this group for my last two years of college, and competed in the Collegiate National Championships twice. I was training and racing with a competitive group at school and at home, and I never focused on my food choices. My thought process was that if I was training 12-15 hours a week, then I could eat whatever I wanted. Much to my surprise, my triathlon times never got faster.

After graduating, I started my career as a high school math teacher. During my first year of teaching, I decided to sign up for my first full length Ironman Triathlon in Louisville, Kentucky. After two years of teaching and training in Illinois I decided to move to Boulder, Colorado.

In Colorado, I quickly learned that the local triathletes and other high-endurance competitors train and perform at a much higher level than I was used to, so I thought that I needed to find ways to get ahead. I started learning about biohacks, and tried many different supplements and little training tricks, but was still not fully aware of what I was eating.

I had read a lot about going vegan, so my girlfriend (who is now my wife) and I gave it a go. I lost a few pounds and felt like I was doing it right, but I realized after 6 months that being vegan was not for me. One amazing thing that a vegan diet taught me was to eat more vegetables, and that has stuck with me ever since.

I was still searching for a new diet and training plan that would fit into my busy lifestyle, when I discovered ketogenic diet and minimalist training. I jumped in to both with renewed energy, and went through an entire training and racing year with this plan, with very little success.

This is when I found the Primal Blueprint! My entire focus has changed. I am no longer searching for a quick hack or supplement that might lower my triathlon times. Now, I am focused on all aspects of my life, and have realized that my desire to post faster triathlon times is not an end goal, but rather it is a hobby to help me enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling life.

I believe in eating whole foods whenever possible, and striving to find the highest qualities of food whenever possible.

I believe that training helps me become a more athletic and healthier person. I used to go hard in every workout, but now with my understanding of the importance of monitoring and changing  heart rates over the course of my workouts, I take my easy workouts at a much more relaxed pace. I’ve added lifting back into my repertoire, because I want to stay strong and solid. Lastly, I move whenever possible. I love my morning movement routine, my midday walks, my standing desk, and my nighttime mobility sessions, I just love to move!

Play is still very important in my life. Whether it be Friday morning basketball with my coworkers or Wednesday Volleyball with a group of teachers.

The main difference is that throughout my life I saw nutrition, movement and stress as different aspects of my life, where now I view them all under my Primal Lifestyle, and I am feeling and performing at a much higher and happier level!