Health Coach Carter
Health Coach Carter


Tyler Z.

Health Coach Carter offered to help me with my diet and workout habits after I expressed concern about getting out of shape with a baby on the way. He was able to offer small adjustments to my diet, as well as offering changes in the way I warmed up and worked out. I spend way less time in the gym than I used to, and feel much healthier than I ever have. The changes that Health Coach Carter helped me make are small enough that I know I won’t revert back to old ways like I had when I made major changes. Diets are hard, Health Coach Carter made it easy to get results - 

I highly recommend him.

Kathryn M.

Working with Health Coach Carter was a great experience for me. He genuinely cares about my well being and provided me with small, intuitive steps to help further my health and well-being in a way that was functional for my lifestyle. He goes out of his way to provide you with a positive experience so that you stick with the changes you’ve made to implement a lifestyle change and not just fall into harmful “diet-culture”. I never felt guilted or pressured but always encouraged and cared about. Emphasis on the “health” because that’s what he truly cares about.

Healthy Teacher Tribe Testimonials

Lexie B.

I had more motivation to complete daily tasks around the house after a long day of work because my diet was consistent throughout the day. I did not waver in snacking. I did not go against my goals for the day in walking or stretching. I made sure that my son and I did our calisthenics in the morning. I also took my son to the doctor yesterday for his annual check-up and he is right on target after being underweight last year and he has been doing everything that I'm doing for the past year or so, meaning raw foods and little to no sweets/preservatives, and he asks for lettuce, beef, and chicken, instead of sweets.  If you have questions, ASK! 

I have two crazy conditions and Carter helped me navigate them with encouragement and resources. 

If you need energy, sign up. 

If you need to get rid of stress, sign up. 

If you need to gain patience, sign up. 

Believe me, as a single mom with a rare disease that debilitates me daily, I feel so much better than I ever have.

Mark M.

I have really enjoyed this experience! Through making simple changes to my diet, I found myself having far more energy and a healthier mindset. I find that it takes less to satisfy my hunger and my cravings have shifted from unhealthy snacks to more natural, healthy options. Health Coach Carter is amazing at providing organized information and giving positive, pressure-free feedback. He understands that everyone’s life is unique and that healthy lifestyles are not one-size-fits-all - what works for me may not be perfect for another. I am very happy that I became involved in the “Tribe” and highly recommend it to others who are looking to become more mindful of their daily habits. What a great experience!!

Michaela H.

I learned something new every day and through each daily challenge. I feel as though you are an amazing health coach and very on top of your knowledge and learning what you may not fully know as well as teaching me to be the best version of myself. Usually my biggest downfall is food and the convince of food but I truly learned self discipline and instead of resorting to fast food at times I learned to keep simple snacks which I enjoyed such as the snack box and salami and cheese. I  enjoyed being held accountable and the occasional check-ins. I will continue to focus on strength exercises, the primal food chart and planning on beginning the 30 day challenge again on my own.

Gil T.

I feel the HTT helped me understand how to make healthy food choices and learn to hear what my body is telling me in terms of when to eat.  I think the daily movement tasks did a great job of starting slow and gradually ramping up the exertion.  The posts were filled with other advice that was very useful.  Health Coach Carter was awesome!! Carter was very encouraging throughout the whole process and full of great advice.  One thing that helped me the most, was seeing that eating healthy is so much easier than I expected.  My vegetable intake is so much higher, and while I have not eliminated all carbs totally from my diet, I have cut back on them tremendously.  I would definitely recommend this to other teacher and would re-enroll myself.

Mitch C.

Joining the healthy teacher tribe was a great experience.  Carter’s daily emails were helpful and easy to follow. It was nice to know that support was only a click away if there were questions. Even though I didn’t see significant weight loss, I still have adopted healthier eating habits and feel all around better after the meals I eat at home. I would definitely recommend this to other teachers who are looking to eat healthier and feel better. 

Tyler Z.

Carter is very attentive and helpful throughout the entire process. He does a fantastic job of sending emails early so that you have plenty of time to read through and complete each daily task. He also does a fantastic job of trying to get everyone to interact with each other and bounce ideas off of each other on the facebook group. I have a lot more ideas about how to live a healthier life without completely changing my lifestyle. I would absolutely recommend this program to any teachers wanting to improve their life when it comes to their health!