Tyler Z.

Health Coach Carter offered to help me with my diet and workout habits after I expressed concern about getting out of shape with a baby on the way. He was able to offer small adjustments to my diet, as well as offering changes in the way I warmed up and worked out. I spend way less time in the gym than I used to, and feel much healthier than I ever have. The changes that Health Coach Carter helped me make are small enough that I know I won’t revert back to old ways like I had when I made major changes. Diets are hard, Health Coach Carter made it easy to get results - 

I highly recommend him.

Kathryn M.

Working with Health Coach Carter was a great experience for me. He genuinely cares about my well being and provided me with small, intuitive steps to help further my health and well-being in a way that was functional for my lifestyle. He goes out of his way to provide you with a positive experience so that you stick with the changes you’ve made to implement a lifestyle change and not just fall into harmful “diet-culture”. I never felt guilted or pressured but always encouraged and cared about. Emphasis on the “health” because that’s what he truly cares about.